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Free Download ‘SilentCamera NINJA 1.6.6

unnamed.jpg ↔ Current Version: 1.6.6 ↔ Requires Android: Varies device ↔ Category: Photography ↔ Size: Varies device ↔ ’s t version: ↔ No recent changes. ↔ Details: ↔ b brows shter mode, Connuous shoot(Rapid mode) & Timer function. ↔ b brows shter mode(NINJA mode), Connuous shoot(Rapid mode) & Timer function. ↔ y are silent shter. ↔ connuous shoot frequency, connuous shoot interval, timer second number are freely decided by setng menu. ↔ Please see a follow Yube animation ab usage, look at each follow [usage:]. ↔ [Rapid mode usage:] ↔ 1.Open a setup from MENU key set up number of times an interval. ↔ 2.It returns. Shter bton long click of a screen will display a setup. ↔ 3.Touch a shter bton. A preservation place becomes [SILENT_CAMERA] directly under SD card. ↔ (Tips:Connuous shoot stability)[Size of save] – Minimum. [Aspect ao sav] – OFF. [Fixed sav ver] – OFF. [Preview when tak a picure] – OFF. ↔ [Brows mode usage:] ↔ 1.Choose a [mode change] from MENU key. ↔ 2.Look at preview displayed bottom left, Touch a shter bton. ↔ main function: ↔ ・Brows mode ↔ ・Timer setng ↔ ・Rapid shter setng ↔ ・Rapid shter interval setng ↔ ・Ao Focus Shter ↔ ・Rapid Shter Ao Focus ↔ ・Aspect ao save ↔ ・Fixed sav ver ↔ ・Selection of preservation size (Android2.2 more) ↔ ・Anor folder made at connuous shoot. ↔ ・It doesn’t display it a standard gallery. ↔ ・Task killer ↔ ・Preview when tak a picture ↔ ・Bug report ↔ [Permissions:] ↔ Strage: Since a picture saved SD card, it used. ↔ Network communication: It used brows mode. ↔ Hardware controls: It uses order take a photograph. ↔ play: ↔ ↔ ↔ Download: ↔

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