Saturday, October 6, 2012

Free Download ‘BigDX Bionic ADW Theme Aqua v4.1

BigDX Bionic ADW me Aqua v4.1 ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Android 1.6 up ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Custom, Original Design Work ↔ ↔ ✚✚WHATS INCLUDED✚✚ ↔ Custom, Original Design Work ↔ Analog Clock Widget ↔ med Search Widget ↔ 6 Custom Wallpapers w/ Wallpaper Picker ↔ 3 Custom Dockbars (ADW EX ) ↔ 750 Custom Images!! ↔ -1568 icons internally coded Drar ↔ -668 icons available Icon Picker ↔ T a very detailed me ADW & ADW/EX ↔ Most ADW mes not have t much detail ↔ ★T me will work follow Launchers★ ↔ - ADW.Launcher / ADW EX ↔ - Launcher Pro ↔ - Circle Launcher ↔ - Apex Launcher Free / Paid ↔ - Nova Launcher ↔ ✚✚WHATS REQUIRED✚✚ ↔ T me will "open" its own. It has many functions control how me lied allows user provide feedback communicate me. will still need have ADW installed use aspects of me. ↔ ✚✚WHATS COM✚✚ ↔ -More wallpapers & dockbars ↔ -Even more icons!!! ↔ -More progress me's ↔ Have any icons want me skin? See current list Submit Here ↔ FOLLOW ME TWITTER LATEST @BIGNADAD ↔ ✚✚AB BIGDX✚✚ ↔ my work created by me, bignadad ↔ I spend a of getng ths just right. Expect many updates creations from BigDX ↔ I have 9 different colors of t me. ↔ Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Aqua ↔ Search market "bigdx" ↔ Please take a moment rate comment my mes ↔ It does a big difference kind comments are greatly reciated. ↔ Visit me at any questions/comments ↔ are users say ab BigDX mes? ↔ ↔ I have Google Play over a year now know i'm do. Expect many updates fure many more mes come :) ↔ ✚✚AB ADW✚✚ ↔ Need help ADW? SEE COMPLETE GUIDE AT LINK BELOW: ↔ http://.gd/hfpq5 ↔ ✚✚HOW USE✚✚ ↔ * Change dockbar (ADW EX ), go ADW Setngs->UI Setngs->Main Dock->Dock Background->Custom...->BigDX Bionic->Choose ↔ *( use Dockbar Droid Eye) re a blank icon. Simply choose it from BigDX Bionic Icon Pack assign droid eye center of dockbar ↔ * Choose different wallpapers ↔ Just press hold home screen ↔ Select wallpaper choose BigDX Bionic Wallpaper ↔ * change icons home screen ↔ Press hold current icon home screen n press edit. Select bton current icon, select ADWme IconPacks n select BigDX Bionic. Choose icon would ↔ * get my Beaiful Widget skins ( seen screenshot) download beaiful widgets . ↔ /> ↔ ↔ ↔ Download: Supplied by steaven1010 ↔ http://ul./kgi1bpbc

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