Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Download ‘Last Fish v1.2.0

↔ Description ↔ Eat food, avoid goo, escape shadowfish. Survive. ↔ Last Fish a stylish black white action ab survival of a tiny fish toxic water filled goo. ↔ FEATURES ↔ * Intuitive tilt-based controls ↔ * Stylish monochromatic graphics ↔ * Atmospheric soundtrack ↔ * Simple addictive mechanics ↔ * 45 levels 5 arcade stages ↔ * 3 star permance score each level ↔ * - achievements ↔ PRESS QUOTES ↔ "Last Fish felt poec some wa." - DIYr ↔ "Within 15 mines of download I was hooked." - Advice ↔ "Last Fish proof s be arstic, more importantly arstic s be ." - TouchMys ↔ MECHANICS ↔ Tilt device control fish. Eat food gain health. Avoid touch goo it decreses health. Complete objectives b beware of shadowfish. ↔ LEVELS ↔ each level have complete of four objectives: survive a specified amount of ; quickly follow a trail of rs; clear checkpoints; eat food caion reach a specific amount of health. Every level different, be it food quanty, goo quanty, speed, size, movement patterns, health lost rate, number speed of shadowfish. se combined each level unique. ↔ ARCADE ↔ Survive long possible. Arcade starts lots of food some goo, b over food gets more rare more goo ears. fish also loses more health passes. n ears shadowfish. Survive, unl inevitable end... ↔ 's t version: ↔ Menus use screen. Fixes long load times some devices. ↔ Requirement:android 2.2 up ↔ play store: ↔ ↔ ↔ download:http://ul./fj2h2zfj

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