Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Download ‘Cisco WebEx Meetings v2.5.0.1

Cisco bEx Meengs v2.5.0.1 ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Android 2.1 higher ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Tap into a Cisco bEx meeng, wherever are, Cisco bEx Meengs Android! ↔ Take b meengs anywhere. ↔ ↔ [break] ↔ I easy stay connected important meengs, wherever are. ↔ Cisco bEx, join any b conference right from Android tablet smartphone. ↔ Features: ↔ Mobile video conferenc : ↔ •High-quality, mulpoint video ↔ •2-way video camera switcher ↔ •Voice-activated video switch ↔ •Full-screen video ↔ •View content video simultaneously ↔ Host account capabilities, includ: ↔ •Schedule, start, cancel a meeng ↔ •Invite ors a meeng ↔ •Pass presenter capabilities anor parcipant ↔ Meeng Capabilities: ↔ •Join via Cisco bEx meeng email invite, meeng number, Cisco bEx site URL, My Meengs List ↔ •Integrated VoIP audio b conferenc Wi-Fi 3G/4G ↔ •Full-screen meeng view ↔ •View attendee list ↔ •View shared content annotations ↔ •Pinch zoom scan ↔ •Private group chat ↔ Global Enterprise Ready: ↔ • now sign Cisco bEx via corporate account ( sites Sle Sign-, SSO, enabled) ↔ •End--end encryption support ↔ •Available 13 languages ↔ REQUIREMENTS ↔ Anyone attend a Cisco bEx meeng free by choos of se easy options (a Cisco bEx host account needed schedule host a meeng): ↔ •Go Cisco bEx meeng invitation email click link join meeng. ↔ •Launch Cisco bEx Meengs Android device enter meeng number. ↔ 2-way video support available Android Tablets OS 3.0 higher screen sizes 7.1” higher. 2-way video may consume large amounts of data. Please consult data plan. Dur content share, may minimize video window reduce data consumption. ↔ /> ↔ ↔ Instructions:

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