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Free Download ‘Silent Movie Maker v1.7c

Silent Movie Maker v1.7c ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Android v3.0 up ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | ↔ Quote: ↔
↔ Convert MP4 movies silent movies. Effects movies a vintage look. ↔ Silent Movie Maker converts standard MP4 movies into black white, sepia-toned color silent movies contain "arfacts" such ver scratches, pinholes shter flare. Increase decrease brightness contrast soften p simulate effects of older vintage lenses. Adjust color channels simulate color films popularized by 8mm home movie cameras. ↔ Additionally dropped frames illusion of a film shot a h-cranked wind-up movie camera by vary arent speed of playback. ↔ title end cards enhance silent movie look. ↔ Silent Movie Maker should work any ARM processor iliz NEON SIMD instruction set (an ARMv7 ideal), b lication somewhat hardware-dependent, such its functionality not guaranteed. ↔ Supports any video resolion, b title end cards may be added "standard" mats: ↔ 1920x1080 ↔ 1280x720 ↔ 720x480 ↔ 640x480 ↔ 320x240 ↔ View newly processed movie built- preview video player, where instantly share latest creation masses via email Yube. ↔ Process any MP4 movie, b be aware higher resolion greater length, longer process will take. Additionally, more effects be lied, greater potenal extended process times. ↔ Experimentation encouraged, b it recommended use default values when getng started, just get a feel ir effects. A good starng point would be a 30 second mine 720x480 640x480 movie. ↔ Please send email support suggestions. ↔ ↔ Enjoy. ↔ 's t version: ↔ v1.7c ↔ Repaired file open bug inadvertently introduced 1.7b ↔
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