Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free Download ‘[Funny Game] Feed the Dragon

↔ play rar simple, th must use fer sep screen Dragon move eat some feed bubble fly from bottom of screen, if sep many , Dragon will move faster, b be careful, if move Dragon high speed him collide wall, Dragon will confuse ’t control him short . goal eat feed screen much possible fill dragon’s energy, later, speed of bubble will increase, it will difficult when control Dragon eat feed. If Dragon’s energy empty, it’s mean fail. ↔ eat almost feed bubble except fishbone. If Dragon accidentally eat fishbone, he will choke short ’t control him, , he ’t eat anyth too. ↔ re are some item help protect Dragon’s energy Shield, Slow Speed Freeze, find m . ↔ ↔ re are three mode Feed Dragon: ↔ + Easy Mode: need avoid fishbone eat feed much . re’s noth must afraid. ↔ + Normal Mode: re’s more th will hurt Wood fly from Left Right attack . If collide m, will confuse short . ↔ + Hard Mode: Except fishbone Wood, re are two more th hurt Stone Bomb, bomb special, if collide bomb, energy of dragon will decrease much, , becareful. ↔ ScreenShot ↔ Feed Dragon V 1.0.4
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