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Free Download ‘A2+ Surface measurement v2.2

A2+ Surface measurement v2.2 ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Android 2.2 up ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Measure any surface, perimeter distance mode manual aomatic. ↔ ↔ A2 an lication dedicated surface measurement, perimeter distance. l measured be world be of magnitude. T lication useful measur agricultural l, sports, roofs of houses, plots b also lakes, countries, connents etc. ... ↔ display area may be: m2 square feet, square yard, are hectare. ↔ A2 measure display perimeter of ground intermediate distances. measurement be displayed feet, Inch, Yard Feet. ↔ A2 save plans, edit m export m via e-mail Bluetooth mat "KML" ( use software Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Mobile, World Wind, Sketchup ... ). ↔ A2 uses Google MAP GPS geotagg. ↔ Mullual: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Portuguese. ↔ A2 has 4 operat modes: ↔ - GPS: user ground measure. It validates a series of points best describe ground through position provided by GPS. ↔ - GPS AO : user ground measure. lication aomatily takes points a regular interval. ↔ Just move self along ground its line drawn. interval adjustable from 5 120 seconds. aomatic mode be stopped restarted at any . ↔ - Manual: user enters points manually with hav travel by locat map. ↔ - Mixed: user ground grabbed points via GPS be added manually ( example access difficult). ↔ culation of surface effected displayed at each point bee. result be stated m2 square feet, square yard, are, ha. ↔ Flexibility of A2. ↔ - Aomatic record of points a regular interval. ↔ - View perimeter intermediate distances. ↔ - View a compass altude better geolocation. ↔ - Address search easily find a field be measured. ↔ - Inmation items seized: ↔ At any , user know GPS coordinates of points entered. ↔ - Manually move a point: ↔ Each entered point be moved fer adjust its position. ↔ - Deleng a point: ↔ A point be deleted individually. ↔ - Manually inserng a point beten two exist points: ↔ insert a point beten two exist points refine trac of plan. ↔ - Display of surface: ↔ area culated displayed bee each point. ↔ - Archiv of measures: ↔ Each field measured be archived a custom name. Each record be reopened again be edited. ↔ - GPS reception indicator: ↔ icon at top right corner of lication indicates quality of GPS reception. Green indicates good reception, orange red mean a poor reception. ↔ - GPS Inmation: ↔ "inmation" bton will display location inmation from GPS. ↔ - Export plans mat 'KML': ↔ export a plan mat 'KML', must go backup list press icon 'email'. A2 adds, e-mail, plan attached. simply write recipient send message. ↔ - backup list shows date, area perimeter of l saved. ↔ - Function "undo" undo last action permed. ↔ Options. ↔ Several measurement options are available: ↔ - Unit of measure: meter, inch, feet yards. ↔ - Surface unit: m2 square feet, square yard, are, ha. ↔ - Map Type: Map, Satellite, Hybrid (map + satellite). ↔ - Accuracy GPS mode: <100m, <10m, <5m. T option will not allow seized point if GPS accuracy below setpoint. ↔ /> ↔ ↔ ↔ Download: ↔ http://ul./py6in9f2

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