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Free Download ↔Handrite Note Pro v1.7 (1.7) Final Android Apk App

 Handrite Note Pro v1.7 Final

It’s write idea. Handrite alows write fer right screen. Each lift fer, character symbol wrote ears notebook interface. It replicates exactly screen. Give up er habit keep, send, post notes.

You’re an important meeng lecture when suddenly realize– got pen notebook! Or ’re at a party need take down a phone number an e-mail address. Don’t trust memory try scribble a dry-clean receipt; Handrite solion need.

The Write Move

Rar than try franly type notes device keyboard, Handrite Note allows write fer right Android’s screen. Each lift fer, character symbol wrote ears notebook interface. When finish a word, just hit space bar icon at bottom of screen. Hit Return if want move down next line. If a mistake, re’s a simple backspace bton delete many characters need . You also c paste ease.

Handrite Note doesn’t try “read” handwrit. Rar, it replicates exactly trace screen, a draw program. T avoids pain of hav “train” read writ, inevitable mistakes occur. It also means sketch symbols, numbers, pictures, mamati equations–whatever write instantly recorded digitally later reference. And notes are saved aomatily.

Right at H

You know how it goes: write someth down a slip of paper pad, n misplace it don’t have it when need it. Now have notes at times, wher ’re beach boardroom. The ’s stamp label stem allows categorize, sort, find notes quickly easily.

You also export notes a few taps screen. Wher want save it SD card, send it self someone else e-mail, tet it, post it Facebook, anor shar method, a note doesn’t have remain tered Android device. Export eir JPEG PNG mat.

Function Form

Unlike many notepad lications, Handrite Note allows write style. Create save different of “pens,” adjust line thickness color fit needs. Then swap m when needed. You also choose from 14 different styles of “paper,” includ beaiful solid hues, notebook lines, even graph paper. The size of t spac are also adjustable, customize m easy readability. Make right choice Handrite Note Android.

What’s t version : (Updated : Sep 25, 2012)

Bug fix: Desktop widget won’t refresh at notebook creat.

Improved save algorithm, avoid (very unlikely) sav error.

Wider bton.

Removed “back” bton.

Removed se menu items: “Rename”( tap title rename), “set labels”( tap labels set), “show soft key”( drag toolbar upwardly)

Adjust default configuration/setng user.

Fix problem when notebook title long, it’s difficult tap open it.

Adjust order of hint.

Required Android O/S : 1.6+


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