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Speed 3D Rac v1.7
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Overview: The roar of engines, gleam of steel, thrill of race!
Play “Speed 3D Rac” live adrenaline rush of t excit 3D rac . Jump behind wheel challenge opponents competion of a lifeme!

Speed, action, por, adventure!
* Dozens of top-notch rac vehicles, thousands of parts modification, just mantra: Winner takes !
* 30 story levels 11 characters through eight modes. Race down city track at` lightn speed.
* 80 arena levels, 11 legendary drivers, iliz a unique energy-slot stem gesture comm control rac action. Experience a fresh unique kind of play.
* Urban construction features: upgrade shops, build up home, harvest resources, gain strength. Try street challenge mode.
* Hire talented assistants. Each lovely female assistant offers player her own special abilities, features challenges .
Operat characteristics:
* Three modes of control: control action via touch screen by t, slid us gravity sensor. Choose best method of control suit style. A master of achieve unlimited injections of liquid nitrogen maximize permance of car. Total control of vehicle essenal mastery of corner, drift, crash into rival cars. Feel speed live race.
* Arena: Use a unique fer gestur stem control comm mulple drivers. Equip develop own team of drivers compete arena.
* Street challenge mode: Challenge an increasly difficult AI unknown street challenges. Are up it?
Game features:
* Test rac pross career mode. You will get know Michael Leo help m regain friendship honor y have lost.
* Drive way from rookie pro. Enhance por through constant challenges, gain prestige, battle through obstacles, fight Boss DK 2012 Urban Chaser Championship title.
Let race begin!

T has NO adversements

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