Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Download ‘Ultra Keyboard 6 v6.4.6

Ultra Keyboard 6 v6.4.6 ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | sapkfiles.blogspot.com: Android 1.5 up ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | sapkfiles.blogspot.com: Ultra Keyboard an advanced keyboard many features geared towards reinvenng Android keyboard experience. ↔ ↔ Word Suggestions: ↔ many keyboards, Ultra suggests words while type. suggestions box Ultra designed be fast easy use, many unique features. Press drop-down arrow quickly view suggestions. ↔ Compact Ke: ↔ Are frustrated try type portrait mode, because ke are too thin? Ultra combines ke y're easier press. Type normally would, Ultra will guess word meant type. If i wrong, alwa choose right word from available suggestions. ↔ Secondary Characters: ↔ Hold down certain ke enter secondary characters. ↔ Arrow Ke: ↔ devices don't have a track pad navigation bton, Ultra provides arrow ke let quickly move cursor through t. ↔ Mul-Touch: ↔ press mulple ke at once with miss ke (* devices support mul-touch). Slide fer from shift key quickly enter a capital letter. Slide fer from view key enter a number symbol. ↔ Word Trac: ↔ Have heard ab popular keyboard lets trace words instead of typ each letter? Ultra too. ↔ Mulple Languages: ↔ Ultra comes built- support English language. re are language dictionaries available download right from keyboard. ↔ Custom Dictionary: ↔ words own custom dictionary. ↔ Word Replacements: ↔ Type "brb" Ultra will enter "be right back". re are pre-defined replacements, own. ↔ Black List: ↔ Hold down a suggested word easily stop it from show up again. ↔ Custom mes: ↔ Ultra supports many keyboard mes available from market (both free paid). also use Ultra's built- me editor create own mes, edit exist mes (includ custom fonts!). ↔ Speech--t: ↔ Speak Ultra Keyboard, it will use Google's b-based transm spoken words into t. also dictate punctuation. ↔ Translation: ↔ Quickly translate t over 50 different languages. ↔ Camera Mode: ↔ Activate camera see where 're go while t . ↔ Tool Bar: ↔ Ultra's tool bar provides a ton of features a tight space. Flick tool bar left right scroll through available btons. Quickly change many setngs, navigate through t, c paste, change dictionaries, change mes, insert emoticons, more. Show hide tool bar by press device's menu bton. ↔ Customizable Setngs: ↔ Almost everyth Ultra customizable. Don't compact ke? Disable m. Don't use a few of tool bar btons? Remove m. ↔ 's t version: ↔ 6.4.6: ↔ · Fixed landscape arrow key issues. ↔ · Added ability use Google Voice Inp speech--t (Android 4.0 ner). ↔ · minor fixes. ↔ ↔


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