Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free Download ↔Swiss Army Knife v1.3.1 (1.3.1) Android Apk App

Swiss Army Knife v1.3.1

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Appsapkfiles.blogspot.com: Android OS 1.6+

Overview: T contains a set of tiny tools: a flashlight, a ruler, a timer, a stop watch, a compass a bubble level, a culator, a magnify glass (Android 2.2+ required) a mirror (Android 2.3+ front camera required).

Each tool does it supposed . There’s no space special effects 3d compass, talk level, psychedelic flashlight etc: goal have a lightight, fast easy use set of tools, “tap” away from home screen.

T half size of a common “standalone tool” a compass, a flashlight a magnify glass. T way ’ll save a of disk space. You’ll save network consumption too, not only first download b every update too.

It doesn’t require network access, permission write flash memory permission read contacts.


- Depend hardware capabilities of smartphone, some tools may not be present

- The permission use camera required order turn camera flash LED. Some smartphones ( instance Google Nexus S) don’t light flash LED if camera not runn. If check most popular flashlight s, ’ll find y require t permission. Swiss Army Knife doesn’t shot any photos, doesn’t save mulmedia info onto flash card doesn’t send anyth internet: it doesn’t require network permission at .

What’s t version:

- Added translations Hungarian Indonesian

- Mirror: added “rotate image” setng

- Mirror: fixed random crash when setng maximux brightness

- Calculator: added “thousands separator” option

- Calculator: various bugfix

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