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Free Download ↔Spearfishing 2 Pro (2) Android Apk Game

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Get ready more adventures deep sea action Spearfish 2!

Pro version key features:

★ All inclusive div gear pack

★ 30.000 Fish bucks unlock div locations

Additional Features:

★ Amaz 3D graphics, animation visual effects

★ Hunt 20 of fish marine creatures

★ Choose from four different div locations: lagoon, shallow water, deep water, ice water, includ a bonus challenge hunt a creature not seen millennia…

★ Each div location offers five levels of difficulty

★ Earn Fish$ each successful task compleon.

★ Select from an inventory of div gear improve hunng experience increase Fish$ (Fish Bucks) earns!

★ Social media integration – Get bonus Fish$ each post score Facebook

★ GREE (mer OpenFeint) Support

Good luck hunng!


Tips & Tricks


★ Calibrate accelerometer “Setngs” menu.

★ Change jotick’s sensitivity “Setngs” menu.

★ Improve permance better hunng div gear from Fish$ Store.

★ Boost speed when use fins. Be aware! You will deplete oxygen each boost. Hint: buy extra oxygen tanks

★ Sonar helps detect fish around . The red dots represent predators, green dots represent fish are tasked hunt yellow dots are fish sea.

★ Predator prey? Tap fish learn more ab it.

★ Unlock dive locations Fish$ earn play successfully. To unlock a location faster, purchase additional F$ from Fish$ Store. Hint: earn even more F$ by post score Facebook!

★ Post score Facebook earn more Fish$!

★ Learn task by select green flash envelope.

★ The faster complete task, bigger Fish$ bonus will receive! Hint: purchase hunng div gear improve permance.

★ Tasks have vary degrees of difficulty. The harder task, bigger Fish$ reward!

★ Depth inmation, number of fish caught ir ight are shown left panel.

★ View fish caught Gallery.

★ Health status lives remain are located right panel.



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