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Free Download ↔Ryan Petrich gets Google Maps working on iOS 6

Google Maps work iOS 6

Whole iOS family ll aware of , Latest iOS Firmware Update Latest iPhone 5 release. Many facts are hot topics se s fure too because every iOS update s many issues discuss. iPhone 5 has got much fame than any of previous iPhones it has broken sale records 3 s  5 Million iPhones have sold 3 s. B here are discuss iOS major issue risen which “Maps” iOS 6 has replaced Google Maps by its own Map stem. Now Majority of iPhone users iOS users have complained ab Maps y are not ll confined Google Maps. Accord users, Apple Maps don’t contain great deal of inmation certain areas. We have noticed Google Maps have deep coverage of each areas around world ans se  iOS6 Maps have not same coverage it fact.

iOS 6 Google Maps 300x263 Ryan Petrich gets Google Maps work  iOS 6

B have consider positive ths too Apple at starng stage The Fruit Company has shown its brilliance many matters have wait progress. B it also a fact people cannot wait progress  Apple’s Map stem. If are fanboy from Apple ten wait b if are adverng user n escape t bad because know por of Apple whenever it think ab any matter, Company . I believe  Apple will t Map Stem strong within short Company has aggressively said will see best look se maps within no . So from t word judge serious attude of great company world.

Now if are an old user n are ll aware of fact whenever found self trouble n Jailbreak community has provided solions. Also t have heard a great news from most famous Jailbreak Developer “Ryan Petrich” has teted he has gotten Google Maps iOS 6. He has shown off a video of iOS 5 version of Google Maps runn an iPhone 3GS has iOS 6 installed upon it. You confirm iOS 6 Video has shown Passbook it. The Google Maps lication shown runn a of features zoom into areas of map shown be work ll seamlessly switch beten Standard  Satellite map .

Google Maps Ryan Petrich gets Google Maps work  iOS 6

You will be hy now  Petrich has too much fame Jailbreak Developers he parcipat  JailbreakCon event a light address community. Petrich has shown Google maps would be relax work connued by him he will perm it too. So Jailbreak community will help get Google Maps  iOS 6 supported iDevices. Still Public release little bit away because of crashes b when it will be completed n will inm .


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