Friday, September 7, 2012

Free Download ‘Nova Launcher Prime v1.2.2

Nova Launcher Prime v1.2.2 ↔ ↔ Highly customizable, permance driven, home screen replacement Android 4.0+ ↔ Features include: ↔ Color mes ↔ Change ascent color of launcher, full color picker support ↔ Icon mes ↔ ly ADW Go launcher icon mes icons ↔ Scrollable Dock ( Tablets Phones) ↔ Keep favorite s dock, up 7 icons per page up 3 pages. ↔ Customizable Drar: ↔ Transparency ↔ Scroll style, choose beten horizontal paginated ver connuous ↔ Scroll Effects ↔ Enjoy eye candy when scroll desktop drar. Effects include Cube Cardstack more Prime users. ↔ Infinite Scroll ↔ be far from favorite page, loop through desktop connuously. ↔ Folder Icons ↔ chose a background, preview style even replace whole icon. ↔ Backup/Restore ↔ Export setngs lay bee a wipe quickly get back up runn. ↔ Widgets dock ↔ any 1x1 widget dock ↔ Widget Overl ↔ Overlap resize placement, long-press send back front ↔ Bulk ↔ mulple s desktop a folder at once ↔ Activities shortc ↔ Select hidden activities from favorite s ↔ *Nova Launcher Prime Features (Paid version)* ↔ Nova Launcher Prime unlocks follow features Nova Launcher: ↔ Drar Groups: ↔ Folders Drar ↔ Unlimited custom tabs ↔ Organize s into tabs folders drar ↔ Gestures ↔ Quickly start Nova Actions s from gestures desktop, such pinch, swip two-fer swip. ↔ Hide s ↔ Keep a clter free drar by hidd used s. ↔ Dock Swipes ↔ Get more use of dock s by setng swipe-actions ↔ Unread Counts ↔ miss an email. Unread count badges SMS, Missed ls Gmail. Counts show dock, desktop, drar folders. ↔ More Scroll Effects ↔ Permissions: ↔ Access Widget Data: T order display widget widge data . T dialog/permission Jellybean. data not used anyth aside from display it. ↔ Internet/Network State/Wifi State: Optional & Anonymous error/usage reporng. Download of opt- Beta updates. ↔ Directly l phone numbers: used if place a direct-dial shortc homescreen. ↔ Wallpaper/Vibrate/Status Bar/Choose Widgets: Standard Launcher functions ↔ USB (SD) Storage: Backup/restore beta updates. ↔ Additional Info: ↔ ↔ Download: ↔!download|16...2.rar|1755|0|0http://netload./dateiKvHNLMWop3/No....2.2_2.rar.htm ↔ How install: ↔ install v1.2.2 ↔ install addon ↔ install nova prime apk ↔ hf :-)
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