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Free Download ‘Notes on Life v3.2

Notes Life v3.2 ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Android 2.3.3 up ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | precious moments of life ↔ ↔ Finally very best life journal Android devices ↔ Notes Life ↔ precious moments of life ↔ are via Facebook express our feels; Us Twitter keep communicates peoples emotionally. use precious moments of our life? Note Life transm precious moments of life into a tempt life notes. ↔ - How record illustrate an excit journey? ↔ - How save daily chores inspirations simply effectively? ↔ - How organize memorable moments of a party touch words of friend? ↔ - How conveniently create a ekend shopp list at any ? ↔ - How create an interest grow journal baby? ↔ - How use doodle express ideas feels ? ↔ very best life journal transm life interest journal! ↔ Four main Functions ↔ 1. Note ↔ Us templates aomatily nest photos it takes 5 seconds produce a beaiful album/ book. re are more than 30 filters Note choose from also decorate it interest ornaments writ memorable words it. ↔ 2. Sketch Note ↔ sketch a piece of paper, photograph template, re are pens, pencils color pens choose from Sketch Note. It a fast intuitive way express ideas emotions Notes Life. ↔ 3. List Note ↔ write , scribble save info lists take home improvement store, thrift store, craft store, market. ↔ 4. Rich Media Notes ↔ A Rich media notes better than a paper note book, since it` simplicities . re are more than 50 shapes & symbols rich media notes. insert , decorat composite notes expected. ↔ Everyth simple write scribble it a piece of paper. rich media notes, will surprise see writ scribbl preter than it a piece of paper. ↔ Five main features ↔ 1. Beaiful templates are ready use ↔ re are album templates, diary templates, nine latce diary, sketch templates, shopp template, --list template, endar template ready use. ↔ 2. Magic pen optimizes writ ↔ If journal, especially own handwrit n `t go wrong invenon of Magic Pen technology from our company it optimize writ scribbl impressively. Magic Pen not allows write faster, b also write beaiful than ever. ↔ 3. Porful easy--use of sketch function ↔ Inherited extended of Samsung S Pen`s sketch ability, Notes Life not provides variety of type of pen, different colors, kinds of thickness of pen, b also it increases of sketch paper . ↔ 4. Notelet: invenon of Notes Life ↔ Notelet allows set date style from many beaify endars by ferp screen. ↔ 5. Freedom of composition of rich media ↔ If want create own style of templates, have take advantage of freedom of composition of rich media. Use different combinations of t, handwrit, pictures, sketch, decoration shape customize template. ↔ If love Handy Note, will Notes Life ↔ Notes Life a sister version of Handy Note; which has candidates FREE OF campaign Amazon store. compare Handy Note, which more work-oriented, Notes Life focus more leisure life. ↔ fulfill leisure needs, Notes Life inherited most of functionality of Handy Note add process, sketch many features into it. ↔ Reminder: No support less than 3.8 inch size screen lor than 800x480 devices. ↔ /> ↔ ↔ ↔ Download: ↔

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