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Free Download ↔DicePlayer v2.0.11 (2.0.11) Android Apk App

DicePlayer v2.0.11

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Appsapkfiles.blogspot.com: Android 2.2+

Overview: HW Accelerated Video Player Playback speed control Network support


Diceplayer uses HW video decoder at various containers audio codecs combination. Diceplayer drains less bettery than SW based players.




Playback speed control

- up x1.8

- audio pitch correction support

Subtitle mat


- MKV embedded subtitle supported

- Unicode/Mulbyte charset supported.




- HTTP Live Stream

Supported devices

* Tegra3 based ICS devices(Transmer Prime/HTC One X)

* Tegra2 based Honeycomb tables

* Samsung Galaxy S2/Note

* Samsung Galaxy S variants

* Samsung Galaxy Tab(7′)

* Samsung Galaxy Player (YP-GB1)

* HTC Nexus One,Desire QSD8250 based devices => may need libOmxVdec. patch.

* HTC Sensation,Evo 4G+.Evo 3D

* HTC Desire HD,ThunderBolt

* Toshiba TG-03 many Japaneses vendors’ QSD8250 based devices => May need libOmxVdec. patch.

* Dell Streak,Venue => May need libOmxVdec. patch.

* SonyErricson Xperia Arc,Acro

* Motolora Defy : Gerbread required.

* LG Optimus 2x,Moto Atrix,Droid Bionic,Photon 4G : Gerbread required


* Video capability depends devices HW video decodes’ capability.

* Some devices(Moto Defy, Galaxy S/Tab) need gerbread update.

* Tegra2 based devices : H.264 High@3.1 ( no ighted prediction )

What’s t version:

1. Popup player

- Seek popup player

- Fix problem of popup bton through exteral

2. Support seek TS (MTS, M2TS, TP)

- Be able seek TS files

3. Add audio setng

- Be able control audio sync

4. Change UI Look & Feel of Playback

5. For Galaxy S3 (Galaxy Note 10.1)

- Support JellyBean

- Fix issue of broken bottom image videos

6. Add Spanish language

7. Minor bug fixes

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