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Free Download ↔DaVinci Mystery New ! v2.1.1 (2.1.1) Android Apk Game

DaVinci Mtery New ! v2.1.1

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | 2.2

Overview: The most immersive impressive sci-fi FPS france smartphones back!

♥ New interface design iphone style

♥ More riddles ! You try category

♥ Supports two languages simultaneously with increas size of lication

♥ More convenient navigation beten puzzles

♥ Ansrs

♥ Calculator

♥ Expanded list of supported devices

♥ And more!

Did know identy of Leonardo Da Vinci shrouded mtery till nowas? Each of invenon a mtery of great genius. And of Planemo studios “Da Vinci Mtery” devoted t mterious genius.

In “Da Vinci Mtery” have solve different riddles puzzles. For convenience y are divided into four categories: logic, math, MENSA society riddles tory. In beginn it’s opened only riddle each category. The solion of any puzzle will access next two.

Riddles additional category, opened accord obtained achievements.

If want try puzzle of an additional category, check achievements “Profile”. Also, if are “stuck” / not find ansr some mtery, re bton aomatily obtain an ansr puzzle was easy. B amount of times use bton very limited, use it wisely.


★ In will find tips help solv if are “stuck.”

★ Also, facilitate solions convenience re a Notepad “Paint” Calculator .

★ Notepad be useful record thoughts ab decision.

★ “Painter” help if want line thoughts.

★ Calculator will be useful solv certain mamati riddles

In each category re are five “Bosses”. To open m need solve a quanty of tasks each category. As follows from cont, “bosses” are more complicated than ordinary riddles. B when solve m get special achievements, will open mtery of Da Vinci ll learn interest facts ab him.

So try “Pro” version no ads more levels !

Play throughfully!

EN/RU Languages

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