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Free Download ↔Cryptic Kingdoms HD v1 (1) Android Apk Game

Cryptic Kdoms HD v1

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | 1.6 up

Overview: Beyond Cryptic Keep lies a shattered kdom of anor world. The fragments bind t kdom have scattered through .

The three shards of strength, spirit, honor, must be retrieved restore kdom. It up lone adventurer step through portals of retrieve shards once gave por a now ruined world. Explore each of three kdoms discover secrets of past from distant worlds.

The lost k, Telvonus, ruler of ancient keep, now resides somewhere within kdom. Find him discover Keep’s significance now altered world.

Immerse self a world of fantasy. Use wits solve puzzles explore three kdoms. Find items along way step closer collect lost shards. The Cryptic Kdoms await .


* Point click style play

* Fun engag puzzles

* In depth story driven adventure

* In map shows location

* High definition graphics

* In hint stem

* Over 40 items discover use

* Beaifully detailed environments

* Ao save position

* Explore three kdoms!

HD version recommended tablets smart phones (1ghz+)

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