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Free Download ↔ESET Mobile Security v1.1.750.1081 (1.1.750.1081) Android Apk App

ESET Mobile Security v1.1.750.1081

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | Android: 2.0.1 up

Overview: Protect Android smartphone tablet from emerg threats.

Keep phone tablet secure its contents away from pry eyes 30- trial version of award-winn ESET anvirus technology.


Use mobile device with worry ab emerg threats privacy breaches. Stay secure while internet bank, connect public Wi-Fi, exchange emails go online shopp. Your sensitive data kept safe against abuse are protected against malware hidden lications. The An-Theft helps locate block access device case it lost stolen.


• Simple SMS commands help maintain control over lost stolen device

• Remote LOCK: Lock phone remotely by SMS prevent unahorized access data

• Remote WIPE: Delete contacts, messages memory cards

• Loization: LOCATE lost stolen phone by a remote SMS comm


• An-Malware Protection: Scans downloaded accessed lications files malware

• SMS/MMS Anspam: Block SMS/MMS messages from unknown numbers

• Call Block: Block unwanted incom go ls

• Security Audit Built- Task Manager: Monitor vital phone functions, includ battery life, free disk space, runn processes, Bluetooth device visibility

• Program interface loized 24 languages: English, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norgian, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Portuguese Brazilian, Dch, French, Romanian, Turkish, Sdish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Italian, French Canadian, Korean, Spanish Latin, Czech, Hebrew Slovak

• Some features are not available tablets which not support l messag


For any issues ansrs common questions, please visit

T a 30- trial version of product. One year license of product be bought within product $9.99.

Note: In order uninstall ESET Mobile Security Android from mobile device, must deactivate EMS from device administrators list. Click here more info:…nt&id=SOLN2713

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Compeng Apps: avast, avg, bitdefender, kaspersky, look, mcafee, norton, broot, ems

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