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Free Download ‘C4droid (C/C++ compiler) v3.51

C4droid (C/C++ compiler) v3.51 ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | Android: 2.1 up ↔ Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android s | Android Market | C4droid a simple C/C++ IDE + C/C++ compiler Android Makefile support. ↔ C4droid already has almost full C language support, don't need wait when it will be added. ↔ write own lications Android phone, run m. T uses TCC uClibc, it has full support of ANSI C some support of ISO C99. C4droid be used educational purposes practice C language. ↔ ↔ [break] ↔ Some components of C4droid are LGPL-licensed. download used source code of TCC uClibc ir bsites (B TCC had modified by me, I recommend email me get modified source). ↔ C4droid includes Android Terminal Emulator run lication comtably. ↔ get C++ support need: ↔ 1) Install GCC plugin (C4droid will ask install it). ↔ 2) Select G++ compiler C4droid preferences. ↔ 3*) Use iostream, not iostream.h ↔ 4*) "us namespace std;" program (bee int main) ↔ compile Makefile projects, open any file same folder Makefile long-click "Compile" configure current directory (C4droid will create .c4droid configuration file when 'll press Ok). After configur folder, press compile bton C4droid will build project. ↔ Don't get enter execable name select compilation mode ( press ok also, else changes will be discarded) ↔ C4droid supports SDL, NativeActivity Qt GUI now, install SDL plugin C4droid use it ( GCC/G++ compiler supported, need GCC plugin). ↔ (SDL detected #include "SDL.h", NativeActivity detected #include "android_native__glue.h", Qt detected #include "QtGui"). ↔ re an experimental support Qt us necessitas, b note i alpha stage. ↔ Qt support limitations: ↔ 1) Path Ministro libraries hardcoded (/data/data/org.kde.necessitas.ministro/files/qt/l), email me if it will change. ↔ 2) QtCore QtGui libraries are supported by C4droid now. ↔ 3) If 're compil a sle-file Qt , must #include "sourcefilenamewithcpp.moc" end of file. If 're us .pro file compilation, don't need . ↔ Quick manual: ↔ If have found a bug not work, email me. ↔ If crashes start, reboot device, i a Google Play/Android bug. ↔ Long click save bton "save ", long click run run arguments. ↔ Result of compilation (binary) placed "/data/data/com.n0n3m4.droidc/files/temp", because sdcard doesn't have permission execion by default. ↔ If have "Illegal instruction" error, us internal compiler (TCC), install GCC plugin, GCC supports softfloat (by default). ↔ C4droid will check license via Internet. ↔ Report bugs at ↔ /> ↔ ↔ Instructions:

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