Saturday, August 24, 2019

Free Download ‘AntiCrop 1.1 *

AnCrop 1.1 * ↔  ↔ AnCropis an lication have alwa dreamed of, b thought t possible. first , extend boundaries of pictures iPhone iPad. Click "... more " find why need download t unique lication to! ↔ 've got some great photos from vacation, b untunately upon return home discover , try idenfy ir loved ones, shot left too little of incredible beay of nature-beaiful white s, lush tropi plants incredible clear sky – "...Chef, lost! ". If re was a way exp se tiny pieces of nature border of images! ↔ T method exists. may have seen anyth it, because AnCrop lication world, which offers possibility ankroppa pictures. Ah, Yes, also trim m if need it. ↔ It recommended of AnCrop backgrounds smooth ture. Excellent results be achieved when work nature landscapes, different backgrounds many ors. need imagination willness experiment. ↔ Hover, please not use AnCrop supplement unpredictable image areas – human face, sopticated architecture of builds facilities. ↔ Magic algorithms generate AnCrop relevant pieces photograph any direction. could be more simple more excit? ↔ Pay attenon features get AnCrop: * Ankropp photos any direction; ↔ * Ability fix repair horizon lossless; ↔ * Attractive, easy--use interface; ↔ * Optimization mul-core processors; ↔ * Specially from developers TouchRetouch. ↔ version:-added "open lication"-improvements small bug fixes: requires firmware below 4.0 compatibility: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3/4), iPad, language: English, Chinese, Dch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian ↔ download links: ↔ ↔
(22.6 MB) ↔ ↔

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